Randy Scott

Station Manager

Contact: ScottR@seattleu.edu

Tell us who you are in 140 characters or less:

Former professional radio-guy turned Mental Health Therapist and Educator. Born in Kansas but Seattle is my forever home. Wish I was Batman.

What is your favorite thing about KXSU?

I love that KXSU gives a platform for diverse voices. Students bring their passions – music, relationships, politics, social justice issues, health, you name it – and a KXSU microphone gives them a way to share ideas, struggles, and questions with others. Our DJs push me to be a better person every day and I love them for that.

What’s something everybody should do in Seattle at least once?

When people come to Seattle they always want to see the city from the Space Needle. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Needle. But the best view of the city is Kerry Park on Queen Anne (211 W Highland Dr). Gorgeous view of the city AND IT’S FREE!

Describe your perfect day:

Coffee (all perfect days start with black coffee), a hike with my dog to Lake 22 north of Seattle, Pizza at Pagliacci’s with my kids, some fresh ink by Peppermint Tatty, then a cold beverage at Rein Haus.

Email Randy at scottR@seattleu.edu

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