A Conversation with Seattle’s Underground Pop Star, Michete

Author: Shelby Leone 

After our introductions and hellos, Michete had to excuse herself from the room. She had to take a call involving another opportunity in Seattle, and while deeply apologetic, I smiled to see her getting more and more opportunities to shine. I had first seen her when she was opening for Shamir at Chop Suey (a review of which you can read HERE). I had the most fun dancing to Michete’s set than I have at any other show since I moved to Seattle. She was energetic, electric, endearing… other adjectives that start with E…. the point is, my little punk rock heart fell in love with the pop juggernaut that is Michete

Now, here she was, in the endearing cluttered mess that is my manager’s office to talk Gaga, stupid pop music, and Cool Tricks 3. We had tried to use one of the private study rooms on campus, but they were power washing the floors below them… of course. So Michete and I huddled around the mic I had just learned to use, each occupying our own office chair in the office, and began our interview.

Michete’s first show was a sold out gig at The Crocodile. She was opening for Shamir, and the crowd was about 200 people. To this she said, “Yeah… my career is so stupid” and we both broke out cackling. Michete, it seems, doesn’t take anything too seriously. That is not to say she doesn’t know how to make brilliant, clever music that she has toiled over, because she totally does. But she understands that the world of pop should be fun. Michete lights up when she gets the chance to talk about femme heroes like Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and Peaches. She was drawn to their music in her teen years through their unapologetic femininity and theatricality, a combination clear in Michete herself. One of Seattle’s only self-proclaimed pop musicians, Michele’s flamboyant and overtly-sexual stage presence demands everyone’s attention. In the song “Touch It” she moans, “Look at me/ ah-ah-ah/ and If you like it you can go ahead and touch it”. Michete makes you lose yourself and find yourself at the same time. And Michete certainly knows herself.

At one point in the interview, she read to me the entire Facebook hate post that inspired her song “Miss Sh***y”. The song itself has no verses, instead it begins and is filled with awful hate thrown Michete’s way (She wishes she was Caitlyn Jenner/God I’m so over her s**t/ I’ve never been more offended by someone’s face!). Honestly, the lines said by Michete’s friends are possibly better than the original post itself. Turns out, no one throws shade at Michete better than Michete. At one point she remarked,  “Any insult you can throw at me is already part of my brand.” 

It’s really true, Michete is a self-described stupid b**h. On Cool Tricks 3, she admits she has broken out of her need to play to white-male rap sensibilities and it is clear. Early in her career, she focused on making her bars “fire” and being “hard”, but Cool Tricks 3 is filled with fun pop songs that she clearly enjoys a hell of a lot more. In fact, The biggest fan of Cool Tricks 3 is Michete herself. In a world where men will never validate female artists and fans (and music reviewers…), Michete is her own hype-woman. She describes the release as her best work yet, and jumps on any opportunity to talk about it. She is clearly proud of the work she has done. I cannot help but to agree with her, the album is a pop masterpiece. Some songs are funny, some are clever, some are sexy, (some are all three at once), but all of them are straight up bangers.

Photo by PlayThey/Kara Phoebe

“Any insult you can throw at me is already part of my brand.”

Right now, Michete has a song with Seattle favorites Raven Hollywood and DoNormaal, an amazing pop album, and a gig with superstar and America’s sweetheart Cupcakke under her belt. As for the future, Michete has fire that no one can possibly extinguish. Trust me, this is not the last you’ll hear of Michete. She’ll make sure of it.”

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