2021-2022 Blog Staff

Meet our writers!


Photo of Ella smiling at the beach

Ella Rustin

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communications and Media with a specialization in Journalism

“My favorite thing about writing is being able to express my interests and passion for music from my own perspective.”


Photo of Svetlana smiling in nature

Svetlana Sohoni

Year: Junior

Major: Political Science and Interdisciplinary Art

“Writing allows me to write down my thoughts and express myself freely.”


photo of sofi gonstead

Sofi Gonstead

Year: Senior

Major: Journalism with a minor in French

“My favorite thing about writing is that it encourages me to learn about new things, or to dive even deeper into topics that I am already familiar with.”


Photo of DJ and reporter Nicholas Brandis

Nicholas Brandis

Year: Junior

Major: History

“Writing provides an avenue for me to creatively express myself. The ability to convey an emotion or feeling through nothing but words is a powerful, abstract, and at times, frightening thing to do. If I can make you feel something, anything, when you read my work, then my job as a writer is accomplished.”


photo of Annie Hoang sitting on a washing machine

Annie Hoang

Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology

“My favorite thing about writing is getting into the flow of the piece and escaping into the words.”


Amanda Taylor standing in a green field

Amanda Taylor

Year: Freshman

Majors: Strategic Communications and Psychology

“Writing gives me the ability to express myself in ways like no other; it further fuels my passions for learning and obtaining knowledge.”