SMAB Meeting Times are at 7pm for the 2022-2023 Acedemic Year at KXSU Station (SINE Building 2nd floor)

Are you the type of person who follows your favorite bands’ schedules and new releases religiously? Is New Music Friday your favorite day of the week? Do you feel like that obscure band you’re obsessed with just doesn’t get the publicity they deserve? Or are you just looking to meet some super cool people and start some new playlists?

Yes? Sounds like you’d fit right in at SMAB!

SMAB, or the Student Music Advisory Board, is a dedicated group of students that meet once a week to create KXSU’s power rotation. The power rotation is the list of the top 30 songs that play at the top of every hour, so members of SMAB are able to get extra air time for their favorite artists.

SMAB’s mission is to use the unique college radio mentality to diversify the airwaves by adding underrepresented genres to the mix. We try our best to reflect the diverse music tastes of Seattle University when creating our power rotations so that those obscure indie bands, swingin jazz combos, EDM DJ’s, and musicians of many other genres that aren’t typically featured on big-name radio stations have a chance to get played on the radio!

Not only does SMAB create the weekly power rotation, but our club also offers those music lovers out there who annoy their friends with constant excitement about new releases a chance to feel at home with a group of like-minded individuals.

Learn more by emailing Ella, the KXSU Promotions & Music Director at ella@kxsu.org.