Baby Don’t Talk to Me Cause Léon is Coming to The Neptune, May 8

Author: Emma Pierce

All photos by Emma Pierce

I first saw Léon (i.e., Lotta Lindgren) perform a couple years ago at Bumbershoot during my first opportunity photographing a music festival and LET ME TELL YOU! Léon blew me away. Her energy on stage is infectious and truly reflects the tone of whatever song she’s singing. In live performances, Léon expands on her recorded tracks amplifying bigger songs, playing with vocals riffs, and experimental synth production.

Léon at Bumbershoot 2017 | Photo by Emma Pierce

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Léon emerged in 2015 after releasing the single “Tired of Talking” via SoundCloud, gaining a high profile following from the likes of Katy Perry and A&R executive Chris Anokute (Young Forever, Inc.). Since her debut single, Léon has three successful EPs under her belt and recently released her first full-length self-titled album. On tracks like “Hope is a Heartache”, “Come Home to Me”, and “Pink” Léon’s voice is silky, sweet, and soft, where songs such as “Baby Don’t Talk” and “You and I” have more gritty and soaring vocals.

Opening for Léon is Morgan Saint, often referred to as an up-and-coming left-of-center synth pop artist, was signed to Epic Records before the release of their debut EP 17 HERO in 2017.  The following year saw Saint release their second EP ALIEN which is EASILY one of my favorite releases of 2018. Lyrical themes of love, loss, loneliness, and identity are realized in a way 17 HERO initiated. From ballads like “Falling” and “Momma, Set Me Free” to upbeat bangers like “On Fire” and “Until the Day I Die”, Saint’s recent release is the definition of powerful.

This show is SOLD-OUT. More information can be found here.

Keep up with Léon on: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website

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Léon at Bumbershoot 2017 | Photo by Emma Pierce
Léon at Bumbershoot 2017 | Photo by Emma Pierce
Léon at Bumbershoot 2017 | Photo by Emma Pierce
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