ReJoyce Academy Multimedia Summer Camp 2019

Rejoyce Academy hosts a summer program, “Girls Finding Our Voice,” designed for young girls of color in the Seattle Area. It’s purpose is to aid youth in finding their voices through multimedia production, broadcast journalism and storytelling. This purpose is encouraged through weekly themes and weekly presentations that connect multimedia skills to topics of identity, community and empowerment. Youth will participate in presentations that center blogging, interview skills, online safety, pictorials and so much more in order to ensure they are properly prepared to create a multimedia project of their choice that exhibits both the skills they’ve learned and their understanding of the themes. At the end of the camp, they will present their projects to the group. Rejoyce Academy is one-of-a-kind in it’s mission that centers girls of color and makes their empowerment and voices a priority in a world that oftentimes does not. It is housed and resourced by Seattle University’s student run radio station, KXSU and is partnered with the Center for Community Engagement in order to create an approach that is holistic and all encompassing. 

These are some of the amazing multimedia projects  the students put together during the 2019 ReJoyce Academy’s “Finding Your Voice” Summer Camp at KXSU.


Radio Interview





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