Artist Spotlight + Interview: Rainy Day Splish Splosh Band


The Rainy Day Splish Splosh Band, a trio that includes drummer Grant McGilberry, guitarist Carter Prince, and SU’s own Jon Dugger on bass, just released their first album: World’s Warmest Dads. All of us poor souls over at KXSU are pretty excited about Rainy Day’s new jams. So excited , in fact, that we booked the Splish Sploshers to play at our Finally FM! party on the 26th. So before you immerse yourself in the sweet, sweet sounds of their cosmic tunes at our shindig, meet the fellas behind the music.

So how’d you guys get started?

Carter: Well, Jon Inspired me to create a cosmic pedal board which Tink (Julia Nachemson) painted. This cosmic pedal board with equally cosmic decoration successfully persuaded Grant to join as our drummer, who I had met at a DIIV concert earlier that month. The first time we jammed I handed Grant a pouch of steaming-hot Little Uncle’s pad thai and that’s when we knew. It was an eternal bond. Jon’s Bass licks later caught our attention and we let ‘em join too.


How would you describe your sound?

Jon: Cosmic
Grant: Driving drums and sweet licks
Carter: If we were a fruit we would be blue raspberry, oozing with gooey psychedelic goodness


Any influences you’d like to shoutout?

Jon: Joy Division, Early Tame Impala
Grant: Damn idk, mostly punk for the drums. Kinda’ Unknown Mortal Orchestra production wise. I would say I was especially influenced by Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s second album when working on World’s Warmest Dads.

Now this is the point in the interview when the trio gets a little off track and starts to banter about which band is the best Portland band?? This prompts Carter to ask the other members if Rainy Day Splish Splosh can be considered a Snohomish band (the consensus is no).


So do you record in Snohomish then?

Carter: Yeah, yeah, I get creds for recording space. We record in my basement.


Does recording in a space like that influence your sound?

Jon: Absolutely, it gives our recordings a nice cavernous sound
Carter: When we started recording in the basement I feel like our sound became more established and maybe Darker? Plus, it just promotes us messing around, just some kids playing sounds in a basement.
Jon: Not to mention that Snohomish blues influence.


What kind of equipment do you use to record?

Carter: This is all Grant
Grant: we use a 4-track cassette recorder and a few other mixing boards to record live and add vocals later on
Jon: Everything was pretty low budget; how much did we spend on gear?
Grant: It was all stuff we already had, lots of older stuff which gives us a cool sound


So after you rehearse in Carter’s basement do you have a band tradition? I hear lots about Wendy’s from you three.

Carter: It’s sadly a tradition, we go there every time.
Jon: They’ve got that 4 for 4 deal you just can’t pass up.
Carter: Wendy’s is the official meal of the band. We hope to someday play a gig there.
Grant: We should eat Wendy’s for every meal so they will sponsor us.

-argument about whether or not this is a valid scheme ensues-


So besides playing at Wendy’s what are your goals for Rainy Day?

Grant: Free doughnuts, being sponsored by Monster energy drinks, and American Spirit would be cool
Carter: Damn that would be cool.
Jon: Cosmic.
Carter: In all seriousness, I think It would be really cool to get more psychedelic tunes in the Seattle music community


What are your favorite songs off the new album?

Jon: “Sweet Licks”
Grant: “Tink”
Carter: Me too, make that two for “Tink”
Tink: Me three, “Tink” wins out


What’s all this I hear about a Patrick?

All: Don’t bring up Patrick, our former keyboard player who deserted us is of no interest to us, he didn’t even get a nickname.



Grant: I’m Wizard Blue.
Carter: Cosmosis Jones (™).
Jon: Spaceboy Jonny-D.


Okay, one last question: What’s the Rainy Day Splish Splosh band’s animal avatar?

Carter: I’m feeling Jellyfish; they are pretty cosmic
Grant: I feel its got to be like a crow or something. Something that soars and flies
Carter: We can’t be a crow
Jon: Lunar Jelly
All: Yes, I like that. It keeps people guessing.

Be sure to check out up and coming Seattle band the Rainy Days Splish Splosh Band‘s work below, and come see them perform in the KXSU studio on February 26th (also I’ll be there and it’s my birthday so if that’s not incentive I just don’t know what is.)

JULIA OLSON | Guys, guys, guys. Can I be the band manager? | SU Student Correspondent


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