She Had the Best Drop of the Summer. So, Why You Sleepin on Dej Loaf?!?!?! : A Review of #AndSeeThatsTheThing

In the midst of my emotional discourse caused by Frank Ocean promising an album and then burning all of my feelings alive, I made a huge mistake. I slept on one of the hottest drops of the summer! I even saw that it came out, and BLATANTLY IGNORED IT!!! WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!?!

Anyway, the album (more like EP) I slept on was #AndSeeThatsTheThing released by Dej Loaf.

Dej Loaf is fantastic. You might know her from her song with Lil Wayne, Me U & Hennessey, in which Dej is wonderfully sexual and tender, as Lil Wayne makes ridiculous sexual promises to her, as he often does. Despite, Lil Wayne and his crab apple looking self, trying to ruin the song, the song is perfect and all that credit goes to Dej.

Dej has slowly been putting together an amazing library of quality music and one of the best collections of collaborations currently available, that may only be second to Kendrick Lamar, or Jhene Aiko. Dej has worked with Tinashe, Casey Veggies, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Kid Ink, Future, Elijah Blake, and T.I, and really has only released one EP which was her summer release. Dej already has a better and more diverse library than MGK and Tyga, and she only has a six song EP out.


She has one of the most unique voices in the game and unlike other autotune abusers such as Future, has the ability to rap with her singing voice. No disrespect to Future, he does his thing, but Dej does it better. Dej’s #AndSeeThatsTheThing has something for everyone who like hip hop. If you like harder more aggressive rapping, “Back Up feat. Big Sean” is for you. If you like romantic and sexual R&B bangers, “Hey There” feat. Future” is for you. If you want to see the true essence of her flow and her rap ability, “Desire” shows her ability to turn her soft and beautiful voice into something powerful that can tie you up, and make you enjoy it.

Marcus Shriver | The Sassiest | KXSU Head Reporter

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