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tlxi1dyYou know that scene in your favorite movie where the protagonist and their trusty sidekick are driving down the coast? Then the music in the background gets louder and that song starts playing on the radio that you just have to know the name of? That’s what I think of when I think of Sibling’s music. Based in Venice, CA, Sibling uses songs such as “Rearview” and “Westside” as a map back home, wherever that may be for you. Their singles incorporate bass drums and soft piano, creating an intriguing indie sound that’s raw and exciting. I chatted with Elodie and Bryan to learn more about the brilliance that comes with the duo.

CP: Elodie and Bryan! Thanks for taking the time to answer some of my questions. Okay first things first, are you actually siblings?

Elodie: We are not siblings, but we both have curly hair!

Bryan: We were messing around with the idea of the twins/the Gemini concept because Elodie and I both clicked in that way, and so we ended up landing on Sibling.

CP: Could you tell us a little bit about yourselves and how you starting working together/how Sibling came to be?

Elodie: Bryan and I have the same circle of friends and ended up bonding over song structure and different musicians, so we decided to get together and start a project. The first time we met up to write, we wrote “Easy.”

Bryan: Yeah, we met in Toronto and started writing together. We both shared our passion and love of songwriting, which pretty much got us where we are now.

5zjeufiCP: You recently released a few very successful singles including “Rearview” and “Westside.” Both seem to grasp the simplicity and importance that comes with home and roots and family. Where do you pull your inspiration from, and how do you allow yourself to be vulnerable with your songwriting?

Elodie: I come from a family of nine. I’m one of seven, and these past couple years I’ve been away from them a lot, so I go to my songwriting to reach out to them. I’ve been traveling a lot, living in different places, living the life of a musician, so I find myself communicating with them through our songs.

Bryan: When we’re in the studio, our producer will be like, “Think of whoever you’re missing,” and we will almost always end up vibing off of that.

CP: What performance of yours has been your favorite and why?

Elodie: We performed at The ASCAP Lounge at their Sundance booth in January and it was awesome. It was the middle of winter and everyone was getting comfortable and we were just jamming with a bunch of people we look up to.

CP: The music industry is an extremely competitive one, especially in Los Angeles where you’re based. How do you handle that?

Bryan: We just try to stay focused on making the best music we possibly can, which takes a lot of focus. On top of that, we got started reaching out to blogs that we love. We made sure to pick places that talked about music we loved to help ensure that they would love our music, too. We really try to connect on a real organic level that way.

CP: What is each of your favorite songs at the moment and what artists inspire you? 

Bryan: Probably “Rumors” by Fleetwood Mac. I love that ’70s California vibe. And then Jamie XX is always a go to.

Elodie: NAO, for sure. Her song “Girlfriend” is definitely my song of the moment; it’s a banger, for real.

Photo Courtesy of Sibling’s Twitter

CP: Do you have any advice for young singer/songwriters who want to make a name for themselves?

Elodie: Just do it. Every single day make it a point to write—always get your writing in. Also, as cliché as it sounds, just be yourself. In the music world, everyone is gravitating towards individuality. They want someone trying to do their own thing.

Bryan: Focus on the craft and keep procreating.

CP: Do you guys ever jam to your own music?


Elodie: When we first got our tracks back, we listened to them in the car ‘cause we were excited, and those were on loop for a while.

CP: Anything to add to wrap this up?

Sibling: PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO VOTE! If there’s ever a party in Seattle that you need live music for, we would love to come, as long as there’s a few beers waiting for us.

Photo Courtesy of Sibling’s Official Facebook

Keep Up With Siblings: Facebook | SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

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