Gambino Advises We Stay Woke in New Single, “Redbone”


Childish Gambino dropped another surprise single on us without prior notice, leaving fans both thankful and even more confused on what exactly this upcoming album, Awaken, My Love!, will bring.

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His newest release, “Redbone” came out on November 17th, a few days after “Me and Your Mama,” giving very little time for us to act in the rush of new music he’s hitting us with.

“Redbone,” in comparison to his first single, gives a rhythm and blues/funk vibe, changing from the rock sound we’ve heard before. Not only does this song deviate from anything he’s released before, but it also reminds us that you can never really have Gambino “figured out.” He’s unpredictable, and what’s even more interesting is…I think he knows it.

The song begins with a smooth beat, something you would expect from a Marvin Gaye song, making you think Gambino is steering towards a soul feel. His voice is not like the raspy, raw, rock sound we heard from “Me and Your Mama,” nor is it anything like Marvin’s low, serenading voice. That’s too easy for Donald. If I had to compare his vocals to anything, it would be Prince during “I Wanna Be Your Lover.” We hear a falsetto that has never been introduced in his music before. What’s better is that the vocals aren’t followed by any choir, or overshadowed by a heavy guitar; it’s just him and his riffs leaving the focus on his voice.

Gambino is stirring the pot and showing his listeners that we shouldn’t even begin to have expectations when it comes to his sound. “Redbone” isn’t rap, and it’s not rock. Childish Gambino is an artist changing his sound through each single. He’s experimenting and sharing this evolution with those who recognize that an artist’s sound doesn’t need to be predictable.

As each single rolls in, I find myself questioning what’s next. Will he change things up again? Will more artists be featured? We don’t have the answers, and that’s okay. It’s all in good hands.

Listen to “Redbone”: iTunes | Spotify

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