Somebody Take Me on a Boat Right Now, or Just to Tennis at the Neptune Theatre

All photos by Luca Venter

I have wanted to see Tennis perform again ever since I saw them open for Shakey Graves at the Fillmore in San Francisco. The moment lead singer Alaina Moore walked on stage, my jaw dropped. She was a modern, curly haired Stevie Nicks adorned in bell-bottoms and tied crop top. Sonically, Tennis was a perfect combination of 50’s and 70’s pop and modern lo-fi indie that left me wanting more. A husband and wife duo, guitarist and keyboardist Patrick Riley and Vocalist and keyboardist Alaina Moore, showcase fantastic chemistry, both musically and in their performance. Tennis began after the couple returned eight-months of sailing down the Eastern Atlantic Seaboard on their boat, Swift Ranger. The couple was inspired by the long conversations they would have on their voyage about music, and began to work on what would become their first record, Cape Dory (2011). Many of the lyrics on Cape Dory were actually taken from Moore’s at-sea diary.

I discovered this fact after seeing them live for the first time, and honestly it explained a lot. I found myself dancing like a 1970’s girl who would tell you how to “free your mind” or something vaguely spiritually like that. One simply cannot keep their head still when listening to Tennis’ pleasant, upbeat, but calming sound.


After a stint of writer’s block after seemingly endless touring, the couple recreated the magic of this expedition in 2016, this time sailing from San Diego to the Sea of Cortez. This time, their journey was followed by the Urban Outfitters blog. The result is their latest release: Yours Conditionally (2017).

If you want a night of we-are-in-love-out-at-sea vibes that will make you feel like you’re back in the 70’s, go see Tennis at The Neptune Theatre. Tickets available here.

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