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Written by Bridget Benevides

One of the reasons I was so excited to come to Seattle (and a reason I still get excited living here) is for all of the opportunities to try new things! Whether it be a new hike, new food, new museum, or new event, there is always a plethora of things to do. One of the things I am doing that is new for me is going to a Boylesque Festival—the 4th Annual Seattle Boylesque Festival at The Triple Door to be exact!

After last year’s saucy sell-out success, Thirsty Girl Productions brings you the 4th Annual Seattle Boylesque Festival April 13th & 14th at The Triple Door! With over 30 performers from all over the United States and Canada, this year’s two-day extravaganza promises to be one of the most fun weekends of 2018.

A burlesque/boylesque is an absurd or comically exaggerated imitation of something, especially in a literary or dramatic work; a parody. Friday night, the opening night features over a dozen performers revving up to get your motor started for a weekend of gender-bending Boylesque!  Featured performers include: Mod Carousel, and EmpeROAR Fabulous!!!

The Saturday night spectacular is emceed by Seattle’s own infamous and always hilarious Ernie Von Schmaltz and features a cast of international all-stars including: Izohnny, 2 to Fly, and Devonaire. Saturday’s late show benefits Burlycon Burlesque Convention, a non-profit organization or burlesque performers, producers, fans and aficionados.

Image courtesy of boylesquefestival.com

The 7pm shows – Doors open and dinner service begins 90 minutes prior to show time and these events are ages 17+. For the 10:30pm shows – Doors open and dinner service begins 30 minutes prior to show time and these events are ages 21+.

You can check out a video of last year’s Seattle Boylesque Festival here for a better understanding of what to expect from this show. It should be a one of a kind experience. Find ticket prices and information here!

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