The Shallowest Beanies from Turnstile at El Corazon

Photo by Kaytlin Dargen

Author: Julia Schwab

Welcome everyone to an exclusive and inside look at my favorite concert game, “Who has the shallowest beanie?” My name is Julia, and I’ll be your host. Tonight, we’ll be reviewing the shallowest beanies from Turnstile, Touche Amore, and Culture Abuse at El Corazon. With this jackpot of tiny beanies, trust me folks, it was no easy decision. However, one brave winner was determined. Also, there was a lot of music.

Photo by Kaytlin Dargen

 I arrived at El Corazon knowing I was onto something. I could definitely count on plenty of Turnstile fans to commit to wearing hot knit beanies in an overcrowded, sweaty venue just for the look. I was in the right place, and all I had to do was spot the shallowest beanie of them all to beat my friends and win the prize. My first sighting was a grey beanie in the middle of the crowd as Culture Abuse began their set with their newest single, “Bay Dream.” The crowd seemed decently involved, but it was clear most people were there for the two bigger headliners. The person in the grey beanie moved towards stage left as I tried to point them out to my friends. Ultimately, we determined that although the beanie was shallow, its vertical was at least an inch too long. The rest of Culture Abuse’s short set went smoothly, but it seemed a little lower energy than the times I had seen them before.

Next up was Touche Amore, who definitely brought their own crowd of loyal fans. The band exploded into popular song “~” (I still don’t know how you would say that out loud) and the audience bounced their energy towards the stage. I kind of underestimated Touche Amore that night, seeing them as an older band that’s had their time. However, I was definitely proven wrong when I saw the great performance they delivered. The room went into such a frenzy that there weren’t even any beanies I could focus on. Between songs, vocalist Jeremy Bolm shared that they had recently played their 1,000thshow, given that the eleven-year-old band has kept a count throughout their career. Bolm also shared a memory of playing the room next door, The Funhouse, many years prior. Touche Amore’s set continued on strong, playing a fair variety of their discography. Before their last song, they played a new song “Green” that was released just a few days after. Touche Amore finished their set with the classic “Honest Sleep” and Bolm jumped into the crowd to finish, surrounded by fans latching onto him and screaming along into the mic.

In between sets, the winning beanie was spotted. After my friend pointed it out, I knew it couldn’t be beat. It was truly a tiny, tiny beanie. I wish I had captured it and could share, but I also wouldn’t put our beanie king on blast like that. Finally, Turnstile opened with “Real Thing” off of the band’s newest album, Time and Space. Immediately, the crowd exploded and kept the energy level up for the entire set with non-stop stage diving and moshing. The band cycled through a few more newer songs, tight in their synchronicity and energy. Vocalist Brendan Yates pulled the classic, “here’s an old one” comment before diving into “Pushing Me Away” from their oldest album, a well-known song that the crowd loved. A few other highlights were bassist Franz Lyons impressively taking over lead vocals on “Moon” and some favorite songs of mine, “Drop” and “Blue by You.” Somewhere between all of this, an unconscious man was literally carried out past me, which proves how hard people were ready to go. Turnstile ended strong with another older song, “Keep It Moving,” and by the end you could feel and see the exhaustion in the room from a wild set.

Photo by Kaytlin Dargen

Although I didn’t come out victorious in my favorite “Who has the shallowest beanie?” game, I still had a great night and I’m proud of the contenders I brought to the competition. Every time I’ve seen Turnstile they’ve put on a fun show, and this was no exception. So, until next time, El Co.

JULIA SCHWAB| Owner of 0 (zero) Beanies | KXSU Music Reporter

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