Artist Spotlight: Flip Phone Talks Sponsorships, Animals, and Stevie Wonder

Author: Haley Parsons

On Wednesday, Kalen and Cham from Seattle band, Flip Phone joined me in the KXSU studio equipped with sunglasses and a chicken sandwich to discuss birthday cake, the afterlife, and spiders. The guys requested that I come up with some creative questions and this was the result…

KXSU: What was the best thing that happened to you today?

Kalen: I got my last drop off of the day at the body shop was a 1995 Corolla, it was really messed up.

Cham: shout out Toyota.

K: It’s gonna be a mess to work on, not good for a body shop to be working on cars like that but we’re doin it!

C: I bought a birthday cake today.

KXSU: really?

C: Yeah, tight, an ice cream cake.

KXSU: From Dairy Queen?

C: Baskin Robbin’s, shout out Baskin Robbin’s

KXSU: If Flip Phone could be sponsored by one brand, what brand would you want it to be?

C: Dude, that’s not even an option, there’s so many brands I’ve been wanting to exploit.

K: We really f*ck with NASA.

C: Dorito’s.

K: Smarties.

C: I do NOT endorse Pepsi, if Pepsi offered me 5 million dollars, I’d say, “F*ck you, Coca-Cola for 5 dollars a year.”


C: Um…

K: That’s it?

C: Doritos and Coca-Cola!

KXSU: In the past, people were buried with the items they would need in the afterlife (think ancient Egypt and the Pyramids), what would you want buried with you?

C: Guess!

K: Take a wild gander

KXSU: I really can’t

K: Look at him right now, what do you think?

KXSU: (Cham was eating a chicken sandwich) Oh! Chicken.

C: “Oh chicken?” That would spoil immediately in my tomb! I do not endorse that one. I don’t know, Kale, what do you think?

K: Hmm, that’s a tough decision. Why are you asking such tough questions?

C: I know one thing I would be buried with, four bottles of Tequila, so whoever found me could have some nice vintage tequila to celebrate.

K: I think a pool table, full size.

KXSU: Why?

K: Because I like to play pool!

C: He’s hella good at pool.

C: For me, I would probably want to be buried with just, records. I’m serious about that. It was all jokes before, but I’m dead, dead*ss, dude. Records. I don’t care what records because I just love music. Shout out Stevie Wonder… That was off the record.

K: His real answer is Dorito’s.

C: Shout out Dorito’s.

KXSU: What’s your favorite song to sing along to?

C: Right now? Right now, “How Deep is Your Love”.

C: Kale? Is it the happy birthday song?

K: Anita Baker, “Caught Up in the Rapture”

KXSU: If animals could talk, which would be the most annoying to listen to?

You can listen to their answer here.

If you thought this interview was funny at all, you can catch the hilarious guys from Flip Phone at one, or all, of the three shows they’re playing this weekend!

Information about those shows can be found on their Facebookand Instagram.

PLUS, their MUSIC can be found here. They have new music coming in June!

HALEY PARSONS | Shout out Q*adSt*ck | KXSU Music Reporter



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