Getting Kooky in Seattle

Author: Bridget Benevides

While I look forward to every concert that I attend, I have been especially anticipating The Kooks concert at The Showbox SoDo on June 1st. I have been a longtime fan of The Kooks due to their fun and unique sound and I also have a lot of fun memories attached to their music from adventures back home with my best friends.

Photo by Jason Sheldon

The Kooks are an English indie pop band formed by Luke Pritchard (vocals/guitar), Hugh Harris (lead guitar), Paul Garred (drums), and Max Rafferty (bass guitar). They came to the stage with high, infectious energy that had the crowd enthused immediately. They began the show with popular songs like “Eddie’s Gun”, “Be Who You Are” and “Ooh La”. Hugh Harris wore a flowy white shirt (like one you might imagine a pirate wearing, but he pulled it off nicely) and walked around the stage shimmying and shaking and having a great time.

Photo courtesy of the artist’s Facebook page

In between songs, Hugh would check in with the audience, ask us how we were doing, and thank us for being there (in a very charming British accent might I add). Pro-tip: as you walk into the Showbox, past the merch booths and to the right there are some raised, bleacher like standing areas… go there. There, you can comfortably watch the show, most everyone is respectful of personal space and you don’t have to crane your neck to see!

Photo courtesy of the artist’s Facebook page

I smiled and danced so hard that my face and body hurt afterward. I laughed as my friend as I sang along to the lyrics, people watched, and made new memories. I am so grateful that this incredible concert and this incredible band was my final show of this school year. Their talent and charisma were a sight to see and as they played their final song of the night, “Naïve” (which you probably know, you should check it out), my heart beat fast and my hand were held high and I had not a care in the world.

You can connect with The Kooks on Facebookor on their Official Website.

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