Bumbershoot Preview – DAY TWO!


Author: Cameron Payne

Okay y’all, in my professional “I’ve actually never been to a music festival” opinion, Saturday is the best day of the three day festival setup. It’s not Sunday so you’re not exhausted yet, and you’ve already done Friday so you know what to expect so let’s lay it out for where I’m going to be on Saturday and where YOU SHOULD BE TOOOO!

PARISALEXA (1:55-2:15 PM): Seattle’s absolute QUEEN. We absolutely love her over here at KXSU so I’ve seen her perform a few times and I couldn’t be more stoked to see her on the Fisher Green Stage at Bumbershoot! ParisAlexa’s sound is a beautiful combination of R&B and contemporary with a few trap vibes thrown in. She sings about ex-lovers and self-love and the way she performs shows us who she is, she will not be underestimated (not that that’s even possible).

Photo courtesy of parisalexamusic.com

MARIAN HILL (6:00-6:40 PM): Marian Hill is one of my absolute favorite groups and I already know they’re going to THRIVE in a festival setting. They’re comprised of Jeremy Lloyd who produces and vocalist Samantha Gongol. What’s absolutely incredible about seeing them live is the Jeremy produces on stage as Samantha sings. It’s like watching magic unfold right in front of you. Their songs are sexy and synthy and sort of scream Summer/Fall cusp in Seattle, making them the perfect performer for Bumbershoot. They’ll be on the Fisher Green stage as well. BE THERE.

Photo by Miller Mobley

T-PAIN (7:05-7:55 PM): Honestly, he’s an icon. I’m simply going because I’m super tempted to relive my middle school dance days and I’m also just super curious. I know he’s been putting out music but I really haven’t heard any of it so I’m sort of just hoping he plays the classics like “Buy U A Drank” and “Im N Luv (Wit A Stripper)”. Catch me bopping along to these at the Fisher Green stage!

Photo courtesy of J. Cole

J. COLE (9:35-10:50 PM): J. Cole is the headliner for Saturday and I’m so pumped. He’s been one of my favorite rappers since 2014 Forest Hills Drive and I’ve always anticipated seeing him live. Earlier this year he dropped KOD which will probably be the focus of his set. He’s playing the main stage and closing out the night so it’s probably going to be busy. Get there early to snag a good spot!

Other exciting attractions on Saturday include: YogaShoot which is a huge yoga class at the Mural Ampitheatre from 1:30-2:30pm and countless food options, comedians, art exhibits and film screenings which ensure theres something for everyone! Head on down to Seattle Center and I’ll see you there! Happy bumbershooting (?)!


Bumbershoot 2018 will take place during Labor Day Weekend (Aug 31–Sept 2) at Seattle Center.

Find out which artists are performing HERE, and purchase tickets HERE.

CAMERON PAYNE | KXSU Senior Arts Reporter

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