Review of Petit Biscuit at Showbox SoDo

Author: Bridget Benevides

Photo by Bridget Benevides

Well, on Thursday, instead of studying for my anatomy exam I went downtown to the Showbox SoDo to see Super Duper, Manila Killa, and Petit Biscuit live. Don’t worry, I think I did good on the exam, but Petit Biscuit only comes to Seattle for his Presence Fall Tour once, so I couldn’t say no! (Don’t tell my mom.)

The first performer of the night was Super Duper, an artist/producer from Nashville, Tennessee. His sound was mainly electronic but had soft eclectic tones to it as well. I would say that out of the three performers, his set was the chillest and softest; a good way to start the night.

Image courtesy of @superdupermusic

Next up was Manila Killa, a 24-year-old, self-taught musician. His set was much louder and had more bass than Super Duper, which really warmed the audience up for Petit Biscuit. He was really excited to be there, which I always love seeing.

Photo by Timothy Nguyen

The highlight of my night was getting a photo pass which allowed me access to the space in between the fence and the stage for the first three songs of Petit Biscuit’s set (thanks Showbox SoDo!!!) Let me start by saying I have very little skill with a camera, especially in low light… I really have no idea what I was doing, but it was still a great experience.

Photo by Bridget Benevides

Petit Biscuit played many original songs including his two newest, “Suffer” and “Safe”, and of course “Sunset Lover”. He really built the audience up for that one, as it was the first song he produced and his claim to fame so when he dropped the first few notes of that song, we all knew what was coming. He did not play it verbatim like it is online, he slowed it down and sped it up and mixed on top of the original which created a fun and unique track. The audience was pretty rowdy and seemed to be enjoying themselves. The friends I went with said they really enjoyed the show. And can I just say that his accent is absolutely adorable!

I thought the visuals could have been better, and that’s just because I have seen some pretty sick visuals at other shows, but I think that an electronic show needs top notch visuals. They were very unique though and had me thinking a lot about how they’re made. They moved with the music perfectly and pulsed with the drops and I would love to know what kind of work goes into how they’re created.

Image courtesy of @petitbiscuit on Instagram

All in all, I had a positive experience even though it wasn’t my favorite show ever. I really respect Petit Biscuit and how is making a name for himself and influencing so many people at such a young age. The Seattle show was actually his last show of his fall tour for this year which is pretty wild. I hope he gets some down time to relax, I can’t imagine how exhausting being on tour is.



BRIDGET BENEVIDES | “Peh-tee Bis-quee” – Alexa | KXSU Music Reporter

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