8th Annual Lucky Festival Next Week!!

Lucky promotional picture: a green forest with a pot of gold sitting under a rainbow.
Lucky promotional picture: a green forest with a pot of gold sitting under a rainbow.

Author: Bridget Benevides

Image courtesy of USC Events

Get green and head on down to Tacoma for a night of good fortune, good music and good vibes because the 8th annual Lucky Festival is back and better than ever!!

USC Events says: “Good fortune finds those who seek it. Hidden just out of sight, away from those who would rather just idle through life, it waits for those with a vibrant soul to discover it. Come now and join in our search for boundless providence at the Lucky Festival! Follow us to the end of the rainbow on March 16th, 2019 and discover a magical land where whimsical creatures roam wild and life blooms with effervescence. Join in the dance of the fairies at Lucky Arena, search for pots of gold in the Leprechaun’s Lair, and experience the blissfulness that comes from finding the End Of The Rainbow, find some extra luck at Clover Park, and so much more!”

Green laser beams illuminate the large crowd of the Lucky Festival.
Image courtesy of USC Events

This year’s lineup is highly anticipated! Galantis is headlining. Featuring Christian Karlsson of Miike Snow and Linus Eklöw from Style of Eye, Galantis are a Swedish super duo who represent the place where EDM and pop meet. I like Galant is because their music isn’t too “hard”, meaning, it is not head banging, robot gibberish EDM. It is smooth and bouncy and magical. 3lau, Adventure Club, Ganja White Night will also be performing!

The venue for Lucky Festival is extravagantly decorated. Green and purple lights light up the room and clovers and sparkling decorations hang from the ceiling.
Image courtesy of USC Events

I am super excited to see what is in store for this highly anticipated festival. Tickets are going fast, so if you are interested, don’t hesitate to get yours! TICKETS CAN BE FOUND HERE!

For more information about the 2019 Lucky Festival, visit the UCS Website HERE.



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