A Wild Night with Cherry Glazerr and Palehound at Neumos

Clementine Creevy of Cherry Glazerr crooning into the mic
Clementine Creevy of Cherry Glazerr crooning into the mic

Author: Yasmin Ettobi

All photos by Yasmin Ettobi

A six-foot-tall inflatable cherry, twinkling lights swirling through the microphones and surrounding decorations, SO many pairs of Doc Martens… all of the above could be spotted throughout LA trio Cherry Glazerr’s sold out show at Neumos last Thursday. With support from the ethereal music of Palehound, both trios made sure to give Seattle a show to remember.

Palehound originally started as frontwoman Ellen Kempner’s solo project, but since has expanded into a trio, with Larz Brogan on bass and Jesse Weiss on drums. Their set started on a light note as everyone pointed and laughed at the sticker on Kempner’s guitar, which stated “heterosexuality is a sin.”

Palehound’s Ellen Kempner with her guitar which states “heterosexuality is a sin”

Neumo’s is an odd venue in the sense that while most attendees are there for the live show, there’s a minority of adults in the upper level ordering food and chatting up a storm, which is why the room always smells faintly of onions and hamburgers. I would have loved to transfer Palehound’s set to a smaller and more intimate venue, for the hushed and beautiful subtleties of Kempner’s vocals were often lost in the loud conversation occurring in the bar area.

Be that as it may, Palehound’s music proved to be as gorgeous live as I hoped it would be. From “Room,” an intimate and adoring love song, to “Cinnamon,” a bouncing and ridiculously catchy indie rock banger, I loved Palehound’s set from start to finish.

Drummer Jesse Weiss smiling at the audience during Palehound’s set

Cherry Glazerr has proved time and time again that when they enter the stage, they OWN the stage, and Thursday night was no different. With a brand-new album out called Stuffed & Ready and plenty of old favorites on the setlist there was no lack of entertaining tunes throughout the night.

Clementine Creevy of Cherry Glazerr crooning into the mic

If I had no knowledge on Cherry Glazerr and saw a random picture of the three members of the group, I honestly would never guess that they were in a band together, but I think that’s what makes the trio so endearing. The different energy that each of them brings to the stage lights it up, and makes their live performance spectacular through and through.

Lead singer and guitarist Clementine Creevy commanded the audience’s attention as the band played singles such as “Had Ten Dollaz” and “Daddi.” Grabbing adoring hands on all sides of the stage and dancing to and fro when she wasn’t killing it on the guitar, Creevy’s presence was truly magnetizing.

Clementine Creevy killing a solo on the electric guitar

The set came to a peak energy-wise during the encore when the band played an LCD Soundsystem cover, then finished the night off with “Told You I’d Be with The Guys.”  When the lights turned back on and everyone looked around at each other, it was clear from the sweat gleaming off foreheads and radiant smiles that Cherry Glazerr and Palehound had achieved a night of rowdy delight.


YASMIN ETTOBI | proud of myself for keeping my camera intact while being slammed against the stage | KXSU Music Reporter

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