Choker at Chop Suey: A Preview

Author: Max Slade

Lurking in the shadows of contemporary R&B since his 2017 debut Peak, it seems that Choker is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Similar to many other artists in his niche, his music is better thought of as an investment. It takes time to untie every knot he places for the audience to unravel, whether in a lyric, a video, or the calming instrumentals his songs always tend to reside in. Confusion aside, it’s impossible to avoid noting all the different aspects of Choker’s talent: aside from planting the seeds for his songs to grow out of, he’s completely self-produced. 

Since the release of Peak, Choker put out his sophomore effort Honeybloom in 2018, and three three song EPs in 2019 titled Forever & A Few, Dog Candy, and Mono No Moto. Skimming through his young-still discography will leave you satisfied with the progress he has made thus far, while simultaneously ecstatic for the releases he may have in the queue. My personal favorite of his songs, “Lucky,” can be found at the top of his spotify page, or below, in video form. The song follows themes of nostalgia that are hard not to relate to, not including the beautifully produced instrumental it sits on top of.

Choker plays Chop Suey Wednesday, November 6, starting at 8pm. Get your tickets here, there’s still a few left: 

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