Playlist of the Week: November 1, 2022


Created and written by: Diana Sambotin

As we are adjusting to the overdue fall weather this year, I have felt like the gloomy skies have put me in a gloomy mood. To combat this, I’ve had no hesitation in listening to more upbeat music, especially to help liven the mood when it is so dark, cold, and rainy outside.

“Euphoric” by The Stolen is the first song on this playlist, which doesn’t fail to get feet tapping with its classic alt-rock sound. This song is really nostalgic for me as I found it back in high school and it’s stuck with me since throughout my journey with music. Some other highlights of the playlist are “Big Cat Judgement Day” by With Confidence which has the perfect upbeat tempo to help add some energy, as well as “Rosy” by The Regrettes, a song that is perfect to dance along to. Follow KXSU on Spotify here!

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