P1Harmony is Killin’ It!


Author: Abby Graham

P1Harmony is a K-Pop group that consists of six members: KEEHO, THEO, JIUNG, INTAK, SOUL, and JONGSEOB. This group debuted under FNC Entertainment on October 28th, 2020 just before the pandemic hit. Their debut and performances did not suffer at all, though, and they stayed topping charts and making trends even through the pandemic. P1Harmony is one of the most unique groups I know. With one Canadian member, one Japanese member, and four Korean members, P1H has got to be the coolest, funniest, and most determined boy group this year. They also fall victim to the Disney Channel flow. A lot of their music sounds like it could be sung by Austin Moon from “Austin and Ally”. Their newest release does not break that chain. In the past, they have released hit songs such as: “JUMP,” “Do It Like This,” “Back Down,” and my favorite, “That’$ Money”. On February 4th, 2024 they released their newest album, “Killin’ It”, consisting of 10 songs, “Killin’ It,” “Late Night Calls,” “Everybody Clap,” “Love Story,” “Countdown To Love,” “Emergency,” “2Nite,” “Let Me Love You,” “Street Star,” and “I See U”. Their title track, “Killin’ It” was a great way to start the album. The punk and rap aspect of this music video (Credited down below) had me giggling. It is as if NCT 127 were to stop sampling Apple ringtones and have better stylists. The song consists of a lot of rap verses given to vocal members as well as giving one member, SOUL, more lines than what he usually gets. The line distribution is fairly equal so that all members get to shine! The only strange thing about this song and video is the number of times they say “Slay” and “Rizz”. It is funny, I will give you that, but it feels overdone and kind of cringey.

Two of my favorite songs on this album (besides the title track) are “Love Story” and “Countdown To Love”. “Love Story”(which is probably a Taylor Swift reference) is an adorable, refreshing song that enhances their talents and shows how the members can sing AND rap. It also backs up my original thought that they are a quadruple threat: they can sing, dance, rap, and be in love. “Countdown To Love” is a song that follows “Love Story” perfectly. I really enjoyed this song because of JIUNG and his vocals. It was a nice change to hear him hit a long high note rather than the leader, KEEHO. As much as I love KEEHO, I know that JIUNG is capable of hitting those notes, which was just proved to us in this song. Another good note would be about the maknae (youngest member) JONGSEOB’s rapping skills! He is so talented and hits the mark every single time. As for the rest of the album, I cannot say much other than that it is not my favorite. It feels as if every song belongs on a different album. The overall message of this album is that you should not listen to it when you are mobile, because there are a lot of strange noises and sirens that would have you looking left to right every 30 seconds to make sure you are not about to get hit by an ambulance or a police car.

So, if you like the Disney Channel show “Austin and Ally”, or the band NCT 127, this album should be at the top of your list. Even if it isn’t my favorite P1Harmony release, I cannot deny how cool and talented each member is. I have liked their music since their first release, and I truly hope this album grows on me more and more every day. You can listen to this album anywhere from Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, or even Musi. Or, if you are the type of person to own a CD player, you can buy the physical album in stores like Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, or any K-pop store nearby. The physical album has 2 different versions you can buy! “Killin’ It” and “Superb” both include a CD, photobook, randomized photocard and polaroid, postcard, stickers, and a folded poster.


Abby Graham | KXSU Arts Reporter

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