I Have Been Waiting for Two Door Cinema Club to Play Showbox Sodo for Seven Years

[Photo via Two Door Cinema Club’s official press kit]

My first memory of Two Door Cinema Club is vivid: I can remember it to this exact day, despite it being over seven years ago. Spring break 2010, me circa 7th grade, bopping to my alternative-indie Pandora playlist (yep), when the catchiest tune started filling my ears. Ever since, Two Door Cinema Club’s “Undercover Martyn” has always reminded me of salt-scrunched hair and the joyous uncertainty of random music streaming services.

It’s been a long road since 2010. Just to understand how close I have been to seeing Two Door Cinema Club over the past seven years, you need a quick geography lesson. I’m from North Carolina, and the three main cities where bands play shows are Charlotte, Raleigh and Asheville. I am from Charlotte, and both Raleigh and Asheville are about a three-hour drive away from Charlotte. Below is a map providing more info.


As you can see, Two Door Cinema Club exclusively play Raleigh and Asheville. The other important factor impeding my eyes from seeing this band is that North Carolina is almost always a weekday stop. So year after year, Two Door Cinema Club would book shows on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and my sweet little 15-year-old self would beg my dad to drive me six hours there and back. Every time, he would laugh and shake his head, and I would tell myself next year I would see them.

Last year was the closest I have been to seeing Two Door Cinema Club. They were set to play Day 3 of The Governor’s Ball Music Festival, but, to no surprise, Day 3 got cancelled due to the weather, and I went another year without seeing them. 

But that is the past, and this is the present! Two Door Cinema Club’s and my stars have finally aligned on the west coast, where they’re headlining Showbox SoDo on Wednesday, April 19th! Although I didn’t fall in love their latest record, Gameshow, I’m beyond excited to use this concert to make it up to my middle school self and bop to hits from their debut, Tourist History.

Two Door Cinema Club will be playing Showbox SoDo with special guests The Zolas on Wednesday, April 19, 2017. Tickets are still available here.

ANNA KAPLAN | I Just Saw Radiohead | KXSU Music Reporter

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