Cataldo Preforms Little Heartbeat at KXSU


Photo by Cataldo


Seattle musician Eric Anderson of Cataldo came in and preformed a free show for Seattle University students on October 27th. There he played Little Heartbeat, the lead single off of his fifth and most recent album, Keepers.

After growing up in Idaho and peering over the mountians into Seattle, Eric finally made the leap over to Seattle in 2008. Even though he isn’t a born Seattle native, Eric really is as Seattle as they come. He’s even a manager at a local Seattle favorite, Molly Moon’s! The ice cream shop isn’t just Anderson’s day job either; Cataldo is actually signed to the Molly Moon’s record label, Mooncrew Records. The label only signs artists who work at Molly Moon’s, as a way to support local artists in Seattle.

Cataldo will be playing a 21+ show at Neumos on November 18th.

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