“This Will Destroy You” Will Actually Probably Destroy You

Author: Amelia Zeve

Photo courtesy of David Winsnes

Looking at my calendar, I have some good news and bad news… for myself. The good news for me: my finals schedule allowed me to book a plane ticket back to my home in Oregon on Tuesday, March 20th. The bad news for me: I’m gonna miss This Will Destroy You at Neumos on Thursday, March 22nd.

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The album art for S/T, the band’s 2007 album. Photo courtesy of the artist

This Will Destroy You (or TWDY) is an “experimental rock band” from Austin, Texas, who’s been on the scene since 2004. The band, composed of Jeremy Galindo, Christopher Royal King, Robi Gonzalez, and Jesse Kees, makes music that’s somehow both dreamy and exhilarating. I’ve been listening to the band since my freshman year of high school, when a girl I had a crush on introduced the band to me. I eventually fell “out of like” with the girl, but the memories of excitement, euphoria, and hope that I associate with TWDY stuck around. When I listen to the music now, it pulls forward the strangest mix of emotions – all the joy and excitement I felt when I first listened to them, awash with nostalgia, but still shining with this new sort of hope that their music seems to inspire. I thought it was just me who felt that way when I listened to their music, but then I realized… TWDY makes everyone feel that way. Their music is familiar yet shockingly beautiful, raw with emotion… even though it doesn’t have words. Listening to their music always takes my breath away.

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TWDY at Fun Fun Fun Fest in 2009. Photo courtesy to Arlie Carstens

The first thing you need to know about TWDY is that their music is looooong. Not necessarily dancing music (although I’ve made it work a few times), their songs are more songs you sway to, cry to, or even just absorb in awe. At Neumos, they’re going to be performing their albums S/T and Young Mountain in their entirety – an experience that my soul is literally crushed to be missing. Listening to their albums all the way through has caused some near-religious experiences for me, and I can only imagine how it would feel to hear the albums performed live.

Whether you’re listening to the albums for the first time or the thousandth time, seeing them live will be an incredible experience. If you are new to the TWDY game, I’d recommend that you listen to “The Mighty Rio Grande,” off their Young Mountain album (which they’ll be performing live!).

That song is on my “get hyped” playlist, my “feels” playlist, my “sleep” playlist, and everything in between. Honestly, I’ve even put it on a workout playlist. I treat that song the way everyone’s mom seems to treat chicken noodle soup, a good 8 hours of sleep, and a band aid- it heals all wounds! “The Mighty Rio Grande’ carries more power than I ever thought four instruments could produce, and it astounds me every time I listen to it.


You can buy tickets to the show on the Neumos website. Look out for music reporter Bridget’s review of the show later this month.


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