You (Marc E. Bassy) and Me (Seattle): A Preview of Marc E. Bassy at Neumos

Written by Cameron Payne

Marc Griffin—or as he’s more famously known, Marc E. Bassy—started off his career as a songwriter for pop legends such as Cee Lo Green, Sean Kingston, Wiz Khalifa, and Ty Dollar Sign. The San Francisco native later moved into a solo career releasing several mixtapes in 2014 titled Only the Poets, East Hollywood in 2015, Groovy People in 2016 and most recently, his 2017 album, Gossip Columns.

Courtesy of Mac Shoop

Marc E. Bassy has a unique sound that resembles a hybrid of Jon Bellion and G-Eazy with an unmatched twist. His songs include notes of jazz and electronic beats all at once without sounding overdone or cliché. One of his most famous songs, “You and Me”, tells the story of two people who were once in love but aren’t anymore. It illustrates the familiar tale of them running into each other on a crowded street but now instead of being “us” they’re just two people on separate paths. I’m mentioning this because this song strikes me as incredibly unique. The concept is sad—like so, so, getting all nostalgic up-in-your-feels sad but the beats behind it trick you into jamming out. I’m dancing and singing, and booty dropping to this song then I stop and listen to the lyrics, and I’m like “oh, this isn’t that kind of song at all.” That’s what’s unique and noteworthy about Marc E. Bassy. He takes concepts that have been done before, whether that’s lyrical concepts or beats, and twists them in a way that makes them his own.

Marc E. Bassy is continuing his Gossip Columns tour with a sold-out show (and these tickets went QUICK) at Neumos in Seattle, Washington on April 10th.

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