A Sad Girl’s Dream: A Preview of Wet at The Neptune

Author: Cameron Payne

Photograph by Geordie Wood

Well baby, you’re the best / we’ll figure out the rest / and maybe it’s a test / I think we’d better quit while we’re ahead” is just one of the striking lines from You’re the Best by Brooklyn’s favorite indie pop group, Wet. Kelly Zutrau and Joe Valle deliver a combination of sultry vocals, multi-dimensional instrumentals, and heart wrenching lyrics that create some of the best music I’ve ever heard. The band has kicked off their success with two albums; their 2013 self-titled EP and Don’t You which was released in 2016. They’ve most recently released the single, “There’s a Reason” and “Softens”, both songs from their upcoming album.

Wet’s music is the kind that understands what you’re going through before you do. Songs like “These Days” and “It’s All in Vain” are the types that are able to put into words how you’re feeling when you’re unable. It’s an ode to heartbreak and loss in a way that’s not overdone or cliché; it’s just right.

One of Wet’s most famous songs is “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl” off of their debut album. It illustrates the feeling of falling out of love with how you’re being treated and realizing this relationship may have run its course far before you realized it. It explicates the sentiment of finally being able to walk away from something that isn’t serving you anymore in a way that’s honest and raw. I’m not gonna lie, I definitely put this one on the playlist I made for my high school boyfriend before we graduated so I really can’t wait to see it live.

Wet is performing at The Neptune on Tuesday, May 29th. Doors open at 7:00 PM and show begins at 8:00 PM. Tickets can be found here

Stay tuned for my review of the show featuring an interview with Kelly Zutrau!

CAMERON PAYNE | a sad girls dream | KXSU Head Arts Reporter

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