UPSTREAM Day 3: Preview

Music reporters Emma Weaver and Haley Parsons are covering the second annual Upstream Music Festival this weekend. Check out their suggestions for artists to see on Sunday!

The Brodcast @ The Starbucks Stage at the Ninety

EMMA: Earlier in the night, you will be able to catch The Brodcast at 7:00 PM. They will be perfuming on the Starbucks Stage at the Ninety. They are the perfect band to listen to when to dance. They are a dreamy hip-hop band with songs that will get you on your feet. Their 2017 album, Somewhere, is very well done and contains an amazing variety of soul, hip-hop, and rap, with background dreamy sounds. Their songs contain substance and a different feeling for each song.

Valerie June @ The Sound Lot: Amazon Music Stage – 7:00 PM

The Flaming Lips @ The Sound Lot: Amazon Music Stage – 9:00 PM

EMMA: Valerie June will take The Sound Lot stage, front and center at 7:00 PM. Encompassing Americana, alternative, rock, folk, blues, and soul, Valerie June is anything but the ordinary and truly epitomizes the extraordinary. If you like artists such as Nina Simone, Alabama Shakes, and Billie Holiday, you will fall in love with Valerie June. Her eclectic, dynamic sound ricochets throughout each song as she encompasses the highly stylized spirit of music. Her individualist and unique temperament colors every one of her songs and performances, asserting her purity and brilliance. The fusion of the various instruments played and innovative interpretations of folk, blues, and soul capture her phenomenal, distinctive aesthetic. After Valerie June, you can watch The Flaming Lips perform at 9:30 PM! The Flaming Lips is probably the biggest headliner of this festival, and for the best reasons. The Flaming Lips will get you in the best mood, with their rocking tunes and wide variety of sounds. You can catch The Flaming Lips busting out their incredible successful, spirited rock songs. They dominate the “feel good” music, so just know as you listen to them, and hopefully dance, you will feel good.

Cut Copy @ The KEXP Stage – 8:15 PM

EMMA: Do yourself a favor and make your way down to the KEXP stage at 815 to see Cut Copy! Cut Copy is the Australian pop, funk music group, known for their vintage disco and bubbly pop songs, such as “Take Me Over” or “Hearts On Fire”. Cut Copy is playful, easy-going, and catchy and will instantly draw you in!

Tres Leches @ The Miller Lite Stage at Central Saloon – 8:30 PM

HALEY: An Art Punk trio from Seattle, Tres Leches are a band I have been dying to see. KEXP loved their single, “Get Off” and their music is busting with energy that has been said to translate quite well during their live performance. They’re one of the most exciting names in the Seattle DIY scene right now.

Little Star @ The Miller Lite Stage at Central Saloon – 9:45 PM

HALEY: This Portland based group makes new-wave-y bops that deal with gender identity, sexuality, and loss of interest in things that used to bring joy. All heavy concepts that Little Star manage to discuss it a catchy way. This band exemplifies the idea of music as an escape and as a place where everyone can belong.

All-Star Opera @ The Deschutes Stage at J&M Café – 10:00 PM

HALEY: Honestly, I probably can’t summarize this group better than they did themselves on their bandcamp. “All-Star Opera is a 6-piece hip hop collective balancing a diversity of talents and influences. Two emcees and a four-piece band play back and forth navigating an alternate reality inhabited by unfamiliar feels, dynamic composition and warm flowing soundscapes.” They’ve played tons of Seattle gigs and if you haven’t seen them before, now is your chance!

Lo Moon @ The Miller Lite Stage at Central Saloon – 11:00 PM

EMMA: If you’re 21 or over, you can spend a good hour or so at the Miller Lite Stage at Central Saloon seeing Lo Moon perform. Taking the stage at 11:00 PM, Lo Moon will play their atmospheric, synth rock. Based in Los Angeles, Lo Moon sounds a lot like The XX, Massive Attack, and the Cocteau Twin’s love child. Their music is relaxing, but won’t tire you out. They are the perfect intermediary for the nighttime, as they provide slow, yet rough songs. They make pop, rock, electronic, and atmospheric music-a little bit of everything!

This list is by no means exhaustive, but rather a few friendly suggestions on how you should spend your time at Upstream this weekend! Tickets to the festival are still available here.

EMMA WEAVER | KXSU Music Reporter

HALEY PARSONS | Another weekend, another festival | KXSU Music Reporter

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