Billie Eilish is Coming to The Showbox and I Wish I Was Her

Photo by: Justin Higuchi

Author: Ciara Loughnane

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Billie Eilish. At only 16-years-old, this girl possesses more talent in her left thumb than I have in my entire body. Without even releasing a debut album yet, Billie’s songs have amassed millions of listens on Spotify and other streaming services. She’s officially been on the music scene since 2016, with her debut single “Ocean Eyes”, but has been writing and singing her own songs since the age of eleven.

Her music is pop in it’s purest form, and I honestly live for it. Everything about her music is fun, fresh, and different from every other “Soundcloud” artist that’s been blowing up recently. She’s exciting, and I feel as though I never know what kind of sound she’s going to come out with next. She’s one of the best pop artists on the scene right now and I love her so much.

Billie is currently touring with her brother FINNEAS, who not only plays backup during her show, but is actually her opening act! His music takes inspiration from John Mayer, who he cites at a huge influence for him, and definitely has a James Blake vibe to it. Keep your eyes peeled for the interview I’ll be doing with him next week!

Also opening the show is Grammy-nominated producer-turned-rapper, Childish Major. Originally from Atlata, Major has worked with artists like Future, SZA, and J.Cole. He recently released is debut solo album, WOO$AH, and is not someone who should be overlooked.

For more info about this SOLD OUT show at The Showbox, check out their website.

Make sure to follow Billie Eilish on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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