Kick Your Weekend Off Right with The Aces

The Aces album cover
The Aces album cover

Author: Yasmin Ettobi

All photos found on band’s social media

As someone who used to listen to only indie pop back in middle school, I can say with confidence that it’s truly one of the most oversaturated genres out there. Sometimes, I feel like if I hear one more synthesizer-driven, sunshiny chorus, I’ll SCREAM.

That being said, there is still lots of inspiring indie pop being made, and one of the more notable groups making it consist of four ladies from Provo, Utah, who call themselves The Aces. Made up of two sisters, Alyssa and Crystal Ramirez, and their two best friends, McKenna Petty and Katie Henderson, The Aces are a storm to be reckoned with.

The four members of the aces sit on a trampoline together with their arms over each others shoulders

I saw The Aces about a year ago, when they opened for another indie pop quartet COIN. I had never heard of them before, but I was immediately impressed by the stylishness of each member, the confidence in which they moved around the stage, and the catchiness of each and every one of their songs.

Since then, The Aces have risen quickly. Following the release of their debut album in April of 2018, When My Heart Felt Volcanic, 5 Seconds of Summer picked them up as openers for their North America tour.

Now, The Aces are embarking on their first headlining tour, and Seattle is the very first stop. You can pick up tickets here, and make sure to check out their website for more information! Doors at 7:00 PM.



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