Previewing a SOLD OUT Waxahatchee Show at Saint Mark’s Cathedral

Katie Crutchfield, the front woman and musical powerhouse behind Waxahatchee.

Author: Haley Parsons

Katie Crutchfield, the front woman and musical powerhouse behind Waxahatchee

Waxahatchee, the alias under which Katie Crutchfield began creating acoustic confessional folk tunes in 2010 will be in Seattle on February 23rd at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral.

I started listening to Waxahatchee in 2015, after the very devastating break up of a relationship that wasn’t even really a relationship. You know those, where you’re basically dating (or as close to it as you can get when you’re 16) but it ends before you can make it official. So, you’re left with this gaping hole in your life and it seems like one of the greatest tragedies you’ll ever experience. Through this time of intense mourning, I found 2015’s Ivy Tripp and 2012’s American Weekend to be my greatest comforts. I found such solace in Crutchfield’s lyrical meditations on loss and longing as a then-22-year-old woman trying to navigate interpersonal relationships and growth.

The debut Waxahatchee album, American Weekend was recorded over a week in Crutchfield’s bedroom during a January snowstorm. Those songs were stripped down and vulnerable. They screamed of loneliness and mistakes as they chronicled tales of a nearly forgotten summer. Since that album, Waxahatchee’s sound has gone from soloist folk to a full band with a heavier, more rock leaning sound. Yet, Crutchfield’s latest release, 2018’s Great Thunder EP found her going back to her stripped, folkier roots with quiet ballads and introspective lyrics. Her show at Saint Mark’s is bound to be a hauntingly beautiful performance in front of an architectural masterpiece. Waxahatchee will be joined by Bonny Doon and Marlee Grace.

This show is SOLD OUT, but who knows, maybe there’s a way around that 😉

In the meantime, you can listen to Waxahatchee here and follow Katie on Twitter!

HALEY PARSONS | Honestly I forgot how to write a preview | KXSU Senior Music Reporter

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