Sharon Van Etten to Perform a SOLD OUT show at the Neptune Theatre

Author: Emma Pierce

Header photo by Ryan Pfluger

It’s been almost five years since Sharon Van Etten’s last album Are We There (2014) but the artist has been busy. Van Etten’s latest album, Remind Me Tomorrow, released in January 2019, is energetic and upbeat compared to previous LPs, using intense synths, assertive percussion, and distorted organ, but still highlights Van Etten’s absolutely heart-wrenching lyrics.  KXSU Music Reporter Megan Karangutkar wrote a killer album review of Remind Me Tomorrow about a month ago — if you’re interested in an in-depth analysis full of admiration and analysis, I encourage you to check out that review here!

As a kid who spent an inordinate amount of time staring out Seattle Metro bus windows, Van Etten’s recordings of “The End of the World”, “I Love You But I’m Lost”, “Your Love is Killing Me” and so on, were the soundtrack to my closing and opening shifts at the grocery store.  A viaduct bus ride at 5:30am with “Every Time the Sun Comes Up” blasting through my headphones was the norm (RIP viaduct).  Now, five years later, lyrics like “Sitting at the bar / I told you everything / You said, ‘Holy Sh*t, you almost dies” / sharing a shot, you held my hand / knowing everything, knowing everything, we cried”  from Remind Me Tomorrow‘s opening track, resonate deeply as I look forward to graduation and an exit from the quasi-adulthood that is college. All in all, this concert feels like the beginning of an end… and an introduction to the rest of my life. I came into college saying “are we there yet?” and I’ll be leaving saying “remind me tomorrow…”

Album cover for Remind Me Tomorrow (2019) by Sharon Van Etten on Jagjaguwar records

Opening for Sharon Van Etten is Nilüfer Yanya whose debut album Miss Universe is due on March 22.  Yanya, the 22-year-old hailing from West London, was recently named to the BBC’s Sound of 2018 Longlist for her psychedelic, guitar-driven, electronic soul music.  Check out her most recent single “Tears” below!


This show is SOLD OUT. If you managed to grab tickets, doors open at 8:00 PM and the show begins at 9:00 PM on February 23rd at the Neptune Theatre. More information can be found here.

Check out Sharon Van Etten on: Facebook| Twitter| Instagram| Website

Check out Nilüfer Yanya on: Facebook| Twitter| Instagram| Website

EMMA PIERCE | It’s been almost a year since I last covered a show… | KXSU Senior Digital Editor

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