Weekly Spotlight #1 by Max Slade

Author: Max Slade

Tommy Ice (Thomas Icicle if you’re getting formal) is an underground rapper based out of Atlanta’s Soundcloud scene. Since kickstarting his career in 2015, Ice’s Soundcloud listens hardly ever dip under 6 figures, many reaching half-a-million.

Along with breakout solo hits since the dawn of his career, Thomas Icicle has created some of his best work through enlisting some of his peers. His most notable and continuous collaboration is with Kevin Kazi (stay tuned for his spotlight), a collaboration they’ve named “TommyKazi.” The two released their debut, self-titled tape on July 18, 2018, and their second (also self-titled) on October 29 of the same year. Other collaborations include 6 dogs, Hella Sketchy, Leesta, and others.

But Ice’s skills extend far beyond his bars: the young talent also thrives under his producer name, Yung Castor. Since beginning his career around half a decade ago, Castor has earned placements with the likes of Yung Gravy, Smrtdeath, Yung Bans, and Lil Skies. When placing his production and rapping abilities side-by-side, Tommy Ice boasts numbers that few other rising producer-rappers can compete with.

Songs to start you off:

“Risky” – Tommy Ice and Kevin Kazi (prod. Lil mochila) – Built around a chilling sample from Incubus’ “Drive,” “Risky” is a prime example of TommyKazi at its best: Tommy Ice’s moody yet infectious hook + verse sets a moody tone, which is eventually followed by Kevin Kazi’s usual burst of emotional energy. 

“Drug Sick” – Tommy Ice (prod. @nickmira_ and prettyboyron) – While he has collaborated with members of Internet Money before, “Drug Sick”s drive and catchy melodies have made it the quickest growing song of Ice’s career thus far. Its high tempo contrasted with dark melodies/lyrics clue to what is likely Mr. Icicle’s intended listener reaction: if you’re going to listen to sad music, you might as well bounce to it.

“Hot Cheetos & Kool-Aid” – Tommy Ice (ft. Kevin Kazi, Keshore, Savage Ga$p) – For a gentler ear, this song could be described as an upgraded version of what you might find on the 24/7 study beat live stream you might play while you do homework. Each rapper’s flows are smoother than usual, providing a calming breath of fresh air.

Max Slade | KXSU Music Reporter

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