Little Women: A Film Review

Author: Sophia Modica

Merry Christmas? More like Little Women day. I skipped Christmas dinner to see Little Women retold on the big screen. This is a compelling tale of courageous sisters, Jo (Saoirse Ronan), Beth (Eliza Scanlen), Amy (Florence Pugh), and Meg (Emma Watson) as they shape their own identities. Not to mention, who doesn’t want to see more of Timothée Chalamet? The film is a time portal to the Civil War era with horse drawn carriages, vibrant ball gowns, funny looking hats, and telegraph letters. Now all I want is to dress in 18th century gowns and be taken to the ball by Laurie (Timothée Chalamet). The main sister, Jo is the focal point of the film. She’s a tough, quick witted girl, who is often diminished because of her womanhood. We watch Jo develop as a writer along with her identity. This is a feminist movie, and I could not describe it without that word. In saying that, Jo struggles to be taken seriously as a writer. Jo’s sisters are also confined by the ideals to be “ladylike”, and each one of them overcome this feat in their own way. The plot twists and turns, but never ceased to be engaging. This is a tender story that reminds us that life is fleeting, as is childhood. In one way or another we are writing our own chapters. We fall in and out of love, we build up and break down, we find ourselves only to be lost again.

When the credits rolled, I felt that after-movie high. The kind that makes you want to better yourself and follow in the footsteps of courageous characters. So, all you wanderlust loving people better get your butts to the movies to see Little Women. And again, who doesn’t want more Timothée Chalamet? Boys, you don’t have an excuse this movie is for you too. It’s important to hear out stories you can’t relate too, and the film is excitingly picturesque. Fair warning: bring some freaking tissues, the movie was muffled by sniffles across the crowd. And yes, I cried at many points, no shame.

Sophia Modica | Only wears platform shoes | Arts Reporter

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