Foodie Fridays: Brunch at Portage Bay, A Seattle Must

pancakes with powdered sugar and fruits on top

Author: Amanda Taylor

In need of a great brunch spot in Seattle? I got you! 

Another Day, Another Brunch at Portage Bay

This past week I made my third visit to my favorite brunch restaurant in all of Seattle, Portage Bay. My most recent visit was to the South Lake Union location, my past two trips were to the original restaurant, Portage Bay: Roosevelt, just a few blocks away from the U Village Link station. The South Lake Union location is in the heart of Seattle’s shopping and tech companies, with downtown and the Space Needle just blocks away. The distance is only about a half an hour walk from Seattle U’s campus. 

Warm & Welcoming Atmosphere

Surprisingly on a Tuesday morning, Portage Bay is still packed with hungry people. Though, we were able to be seated quite quickly. Every time I’ve visited the busy cafe the service is always fast and excellent.

Photo Courtesy of Portage Bay, South Lake Union Website

The waiters are friendly and kind; my glass of water was never anything less than half full. The menu is extensive, leaving guests with many options. I especially value that on the side of the menu are the local food partners of Portage Bay; cheese from Beecher’s, organic eggs from Stiebrs Farm in Yelm, Washington, and even the mushrooms are listed, being from Mushroom Joe in Seattle. 

Many Menu Options 

There were so many things on the brunch menu that made my mouth water just from reading the descriptions. I was debating between once again ordering the “Vegan Pancakes”, made with rice milk and organic bananas (which you wouldn’t be able to tell were vegan, that’s how well made they are!) 

pancakes with powdered sugar and fruits on top
“Vegan Pancakes,” Photo Courtesy of Amanda Taylor

Trying A New Dish!

This visit though, I was anxious to try something new! I ordered the “Oatmeal Cobbler French Toast” with a side of organic roasted potatoes. 

Oatmeal cobbler french toast with berries and whipped cream on top
Oatmeal Cobbler French Toast, Photo Courtesy of Yelp

When my beautiful meal arrived, I carried the lemon creme anglaise-topped french toast to the complementary fruit and toppings bar. 

toppings bar of fruit and whipped cream
Toppings Bar, Photo Courtesy of Yelp

My Favorite Parts 

I think the toppings bar alone may be one of my favorite aspects of Portage Bay. I delicately layered freshly cut strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, sliced almonds, and the slightest bit of cinnamon sugar on top of my warm toast. As I made my way back to my table where my friends resided, I was practically salivating at the plate before me. I took my first bite of the french toast and immediately knew that I would be getting the dish again. The table grew silent as every member of the table was busy practically shoving the delicious food in our mouths. As the restaurant morning rush began to clear up, our laughs grew louder and louder. We left our plates scrapless and wiped clean… making it easy for the dishwashers. With our stomachs and hearts full, we left Portage Bay feeling very satisfied with our meals and ready to walk to the Space Needle! 

Portage Bay 4th Visit?

There’s a reason I have returned to Portage Bay a handful of times and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, I simply cannot get enough of it!  Their widespread menu from the classic “Seattle” benedict made with local dungeness crab, to house-favorite “Huevos Rancheros” tacos, it’s verified that Portage Bay never fails to hit the spot. Perfect for dates, showing visiting family, or a simple brunch with friends, Portage Bay is a must. 


Amanda Taylor | Brunch Enthusiast | KXSU Music & Arts Reporter

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