Playlist of the Week: March 7, 2022

man with his hands on his head looking angry

Created and written by Nicholas Brandis

This is a playlist to lose your mind to. I nearly lost mine making it. My fellow students out there know that final exams are rapidly approaching – may this playlist serve as the soundtrack to this turbulent time. We start our descent into madness with possibly the most belligerent band of all time, The Pop Group, who are anything BUT a pop group. Around the middle of our lurch into lunacy we begin to accept our present state, and we cry out to the world that we are “totally wired – can’t you see?” Flipper and Sonic Youth wreck any wits we thought we had left, leaving us more confused than ever. At this point, we have nearly arrived at the end of our journey, and we are now fully immersed in insanity. If some poor soul nearby has the misfortune of asking if they can interfere in your crisis, you simply sneer “Mind Your Own Business”!

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