Playlist of the Week: May 16, 2022


Created and written by: Pie Wright

For this playlist I wanted to share some songs that have been getting me through this last quarter of college. It takes a journey from some eerie ballads about connection with others, to songs I shout and dance to on my roof, to upbeat anthems about isolation. These songs capture the ups and downs of an average day in my life that I feel many listeners can relate to. The irony of how the sound combats the lyrics reflect our human experience.

“The Purple Bottle” by Animal Collective is the highlight of this playlist for me. This song has been with me since my senior year of high school and now is a staple in my music as a senior in college. Upon first listen, I thought it was a goofy release of my inner child, but as time has passed, I have grown with it. It feels like falling in love and experiencing life in present moments.

I hope you enjoy and can feel your feelings!

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