Mac DeMarco’s New Album Featuring 199 Unreleased Tracks


Author: Amanda Taylor

On April 21, 2023, Mac DeMarco surprised fans with an unconventional new album, unlike any of his previous works. The album titled One Wayne G, features 199 songs that were recorded over the past five years but didn’t make it onto any of his earlier albums. With a duration of nearly nine hours, this album is certainly not a traditional listen, but it showcases Mac’s willingness to experiment and push the boundaries of his music. 

Album Cover of Five Easy Hot Dogs, Photo Courtesy of Spotify

Only months prior, on January 20, Mac DeMarco had released his fifth studio album, Five Easy Hot Dogs, an instrumental, vocal-less album. The project was recorded entirely on a road trip from Los Angeles to New York during the pandemic. Although the 35-minute album with no lyrics received mixed reviews, I believe it was less about Mac providing fans with his typical sound and more about allowing himself to freely experiment with different ways of making music during a challenging time. 

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This album is not the first of its kind, with Kendrick Lamar’s Untitled Unmastered being a notable example of an artist releasing an album of songs that didn’t make it into their previous works, One Wayne G stands out because of its nine-hour duration. The 199 songs range anywhere from 30 seconds to 22 minutes, with many of the tracks featuring only a few guitar chords and easy drums. Some of the tracks are melancholic composition scores, a new sound from Mac, while others are produced with lyrics and soft melodies. 

While I traditionally listen to a project front-to-back and analyze it that way, I’m afraid this lengthy album may be where I draw the line and simply hit shuffle. Some of my favorites so far include “20191229”, “20200317”, “20200817 Proud True Toyota”, “20200819 She Gets The Gold Star”, and “20200823 Cowboy Shit.” I can imagine this album being shuffled at a coffee shop, played in headphones when studying, during a summer picnic, or as comfortable ambient music for my apartment. 

Album Cover of One Wayne G, Photo Courtesy of Spotify

This album provides fans with a bigger glimpse into the mind and inner workings of Mac Demarco. Many of the songs sound like outtakes of previous works, which I enjoy exploring. When artists release an album, it’s typically the “best” of their works, and there are many other sounds and songs that “didn’t make the cut” in an artist’s eyes and are never released. One Wayne G is a unique way for Mac to share some of the songs he may have deemed “less likable” by mainstream audiences. 

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This type of release allows artists to share their creative works with the world without the pressure of producing a top-tier album. It’s a vulnerable move, but one that offers a rare glimpse into an artist’s unreleased works. Mac DeMarco’s One Wayne G may not be for everyone, but it’s a bold move that sets him apart from other musicians. It’s a reminder that artists are always experimenting and creating, even when the public isn’t aware of it. This album is an invitation for fans to explore and appreciate an artist’s creative process and even adopt the same vulnerability and willingness to share their own creative outtakes. After all, it’s all just about doing what you love, and the more music, the better! 



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