Playlist of the Week 1/29

Curated by: Kate Watanabe
Emo? Breakcore? Screamo? I don’t know what the theme of this playlist is but it’s loud and it’s fun! I combined a bunch of songs I’ve been listening to recently in a random order to emulate how I listen to music.
One of the highlights is “Oblivion, In Your Hands” by Trans/Dimensional/Entity which combines breakcore, skramz, and hyperpop. Trans/Dimensional/Entity only has one other song out, but I can’t recommend them enough! They’re one of three bands from Eugene, Oregon, which is the result of a 2 am rabbit hole down Bandcamp pages.
I’ve been listening to The Jesus Lizard for a few years, but I was reminded of how good they are while watching Nope, because Keke Palmer’s character has one of their shirts! I always associate them with Nirvana, so listen to them if you’ve overplayed In Utero lately.
I’m very late to the party, but I’ve had …Because I’m Young Arrogant and Hate Everything You Stand For by Machine Girl on repeat over the past few days. I have no excuses for not listening to this album sooner, don’t make my mistake.
I hope y’all listen to my playlist <3

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