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Author: Amanda Taylor

Since I saw Blood Orange open for Tyler, The Creator’s 2018 IGOR tour, I have been obsessed with his work and persona. Devonte Hynes has a confident way of bending musical boundaries, being expressive of his gender fluidness and sexuality, and having a willingness to challenge societal expectations. This is a favorite musician of mine who seems to have a never-ending discography, I am always finding new projects of his. Here are some of his best features. 


“Bound” – Wet feat. Blood Orange 

The rich and passionate vocals from the unexpected pair, combined with the rhythmic synths heard in the track’s background, create a sensual masterpiece of a song. The soft and feminine vocals from Wet with Blood Orange’s masculine vocals are a beautiful pairing. This is an elegant and melancholic track I find addicting to listen to. Wet and Blood Orange’s brilliant co-produced track leaves fans wanting more from the two of them. 


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“We Will Always Love You” – The Avalanches feat. Blood Orange

An ethereal and soft classic from The Avalanches gently paired with Blood Orange’s soothing and emotive vocals make this track one of my favorite Blood Orange features. I love the soft beat drop a few seconds into the track. Followed by a sample from “I’ll Take You Any Way That You’ll Come” by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, which Blood Orange harmonizes in this track. In the 2020 release, Blood Orange’s verse reflects upon his life and what he has become. He describes his life as monotony since he and his lover have grown apart. The low-key song doesn’t have an inherently sad sound, rather when taking a deeper look at the lyrics, you realize this is a longing song. The closing verse concludes with Blood Orange crying out that he dreams of living another life, perhaps one with his lover. The artist’s rich harmonies and vulnerability make this song as good as it is.

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“Even If It Hurts” – Tei Shi – Blood Orange 

This lush and warm track from the Tei Shi and Blood Orange does not shock fans, as this is not the first time the duo has collaborated. The pair was first heard together on “Hope” from Blood Orange’s 2018 album, Negro Swan. Both of their vocals combined to create a brilliant R&B, new-wave, and indie tune, all in one! This rhythmic song talks about the acceptance of the vulnerability and risk of heartbreak that come with a relationship. From Blood Orange’s first verse, “2 AM I’m waitin’ for a leap of faith from you to me” and “I’ll put it all out on the table if you ask me to”. The two artists sing of the blind faith and rawness that take place at the beginning of a relationship. The duo sings of wanting their lover to be authentic with them, “even if it hurts.” Incredible behind the scenes; Tei Shi’s 2019 album, La Linda, is co-produced with Blood Orange. Whose signature low-base beats are heard throughout the album. Blood Orange’s use of deep drums and his soft vocals make “Even If It Hurts” an example of the artist’s strong signature sound while collaborating with other artists and production styles. 

Blood Orange’s talent does not stop at these features, he has a five-album discography waiting for you to explore! 

Amanda Taylor | Lemme put you on some Blood Orange | KXSU Music & Arts Reporter & DJ 

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