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NMIXX is a K-pop group consisting of 6 members: HAEWON, LILY, SULLYOON, BAE, KYUJIN, and JIWOO. Since forming on February 2nd, 2022 under The JYP label, they have been consistently dropping music with cool concepts like ‘mixx pop’, which is a new genre of music that consists of many genres ‘mixxed’ together. They originally debuted with  7 members with the song “O.O”. However, not long after their debut, JINNI decided to leave the group in December 2022 so she could debut as a solo artist. Their new EP, Fe304: BREAK was released on January 15, 2024, with tracks: “DASH,” “Soñar (Breaker),” “Run For Roses,” “BOOM,” “Passionfruit,” “XOXO,” and “Break The Wall”. Overall, this album doesn’t stray far from their past releases. It really is the same album with new lyrics. However, I am a creature of habit so this album is still really enjoyable. With their first track, “DASH”, they opened up with a repetitive yet catchy chorus. The music video (Credited down below) has the perfect concept: break through the walls to escape and set new trends. However, all the random animals confused me quite a bit… Why was there a zebra? A peacock? I don’t know, but it was a cute little idea. Also, what was with the skid mark line? If there is one thing NMIXX never falls short of, it’s their style. With 4 different looks, I was tempted to head to SHEIN to hopefully recreate their outfits so I could be as stylish as them, specifically BAE. But back to the song review! This was a perfect way to open up their EP! Though it’s not my favorite song, it is still really fun and has decent choreography for all the TikTok dance challenges that are getting ready to take place on the infamous Music Bank stairs. The music video also ends with a poster that hits the screen “HEY YOU B*STARDS, I’M STILL HERE”. Are they getting ready for the next album drop? A tour? Maybe, maybe not. 

As for the rest of the album, I have to say that “Run For Roses” and “Passionfruit” were the best tracks. “Run For Roses” had such a soulful, Hunger Games-esque folksy vibe that was so cool. Written by Young K from DAY6, this song captures what it must have felt like when Lucy Gray Baird entered the arena in The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. It had the perfect mix of vocals and rap so that each member could shine and show off their skills both separately and together as a group. I truly cannot say enough nice things about this song; from the first line, I was obsessed! It was the most different and unique song on this EP. Now onto “Passionfruit”! Do not be fooled by the name because this is NOT a cover of DRAKE’s 2017 song “Passionfruit”. It is equally as good, though. This song is quite the opposite of the rest of the album; it has a refreshing, Y2K vibe to the song that is completely unmatched. It’s almost as if Sabrina Carpenter and Danielle from NEW JEANS were in the studio with the rest of NMIXX. The lyrics are so cheeky: “Don’t you proceed with caution” and “가득 터진 juice,” which refers to a bursting feeling of intense emotions. 

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NMIXX has something special that not many other groups have: diversity and the ability to have fun. Throughout this album, it’s hard not to smile when HAEWON’s unique vocals take over the track, or when you watch SULLYOON’s sharp and consistent dance moves in their music videos. They always look excited to be idols (which is not something that many other groups have). However, I do believe that they need to use it to their advantage a little more. Like I said at the beginning: the new album, is the same thing with different lyrics. They do what they are comfortable with, and they don’t go beyond that. I truly cannot tell you how excited I am for the day that JIWOO gets to vocalize the way that Lily does. They all have the talent to do so, so why not take the risk? I am so here for it.

If you enjoy the pop princess, vibey, Y2K type of music, do yourself a favor and listen to this album; you won’t regret it. Also, you can purchase the physical album at Target, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any KPop store nearby! There are 2 versions: SQUARE ONE, and MIXX BLOOD. Both come with a CD, Photobook, Photobook cover, 1 Poster, 2 Randomized Photo Cards, and 1 Randomized Postcard. If you’re anything like me, you will have already added this EP to your playlists and are prepared to see these songs appear on your 2024 Spotify Wrapped this December. That’s what’s up for real.

Abby Graham | KXSU Music Reporter

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