Anti-Gatekeeping and the Artists Who Do the Work



Author: Liv Rankin

Gatekeeping is objectively one of the lamest things you can do, especially with art. So, I won’t be
doing that with some of the people who have given me incredible music recommendations. And
while I can’t hand out friend’s personal phone numbers (all my friends know what’s up when it comes
to their cuts) I can show you a list 5 great content creators and music buffs I consistently stalk on


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margeaux (@marg.mp3) • Instagram photos and videos

Starting off with a favorite of mine, I chose @marg.mp3. I highly recommend surfing through her feed to see her recent series on eclectic/lesser-known Black artists and mood-based album selections for seasonal vibes.


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Soul Sugar Joint (@thesoulsugarjoint) • Instagram photos and videos

Next on the list I had to add @thesoulsugarjoint with her to-die-for series, “Songs that have me in a
chokehold”. She never misses and recently put me on to “Day by Day – A COLORS SHOW” by
Amaria which I’m so in love with.



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Somewhere Soul (@somewhere_soul) • Instagram photos and videos

Equally important is @somewhere_soul whose video featuring the album “El Bueno Y El Malo” by
Hermanos Gutiérrez was game-changing for me with its 1950s Latin American influence and cozy



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Erick Salazar (@obabo.mp3) • Instagram photos and videos

Another creator I enjoy is @obabo.mp3 who posts mood-based song recs in addition to looks into
his sketchbook. A true artist/ curator of good vibes, Erick introduces songs that feel so autumnal and,
dare I say, knit sweater-coded.


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Tim Garcia (@timoteeg) • Instagram photos and videos

And last but certainly not least is @timoteeg and his series of “Best New Music This Week” as well
as sharing unearthed albums to mix up your listening history and deepen your music taste.

I thoroughly enjoy discovering new artists via fellow DJs and music lovers, as I’m sure you do, so I
hope you find these content creators as rad as I do.

All the love,


Liv Rankin | KXSU Volunteer Music & Arts Reporter

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