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Author: Liv Rankin

Deciding what music to study to always feels like such a pivotal moment -at least for someone as dramatic as myself- and can make or break my performance for the next few hours. I’ve debated several times what playlist or genre does it for me; chill lo-fi beats, classic instrumentals, or something fast-paced. But nothing, and I mean nothing, gets me on the grind like pretentious coffee shop music. It pairs well with the ambiance of wanting to look productive in front of strangers with a groovy collection of music in the background that you’ll try to sneakily shazam to later bring up in casual conversation. And I’m clearly not speaking from experience at all… But it just so happens that I have what I believe to be the perfect coffee shop playlist to get you in your academic groove.



I started this playlist off with “Cyanotype Of Blue” by Salami Joe Rose Louis who creates phenomenally funky multi-instrumental jams. This is on the slower side so you’re not too intimidated when starting the study sesh. A little further into the playlist I threw in “Knucklehead” by Grover Washington, Jr. because there’s no way you can go without some classic jazz. Further down the queue I added “Welcome My Son” by Professor Creepshow to give the coziest atmosphere. A final favorite of mine is “Slowdown” by Brad stank with his soulful blends.

All in all, this is a little over two hours of my tried and true tunes to get me feeling studious. I hope you enjoy and if you’re a barista with access to the aux I beg you to throw this playlist on, your patrons will thank you.

Liv Rankin | KXSU Volunteer Reporter

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