Original Scores That Are Sick

Author: Sophia Modica

Following up my last article Movie Soundtracks That Rock, I want to talk about original scores that are sick. Original soundtracks deserve some love too, and I am a big fan of them. Here are some soundtracks for sleeping, studying, thinking, and living:

Lady Bird

Lady Bird has made an appearance in my past article, Sophia’s 8 Recommendations (in no particular order). It’s a tender coming of age story of a high school senior transitioning to college, we follow her emotional ups and down. In addition it stars my celebrity crush, Timothee Chalamet. This soundtrack has a bittersweet sound and is good for watching the world pass. This soundtrack is credit to Jon Brion who is known for his musical abilities. My favorite tracks are “Consolation” or “Lady Bird Kiss”. 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This film also made an appearance in my article, Sophia’s 8 Recommendations (in no particular order, and is another soundtrack by Jon Brion (among other artists). A couple undergo a procedure to remove their memories of their past relationship with each other. I have found this soundtrack to be as emotional as the film itself, with somber instrumentals. In three words this soundtrack is soft, sleepy, and dream-like. My favorite track for mellow moods is “Theme” or “Phone Call”.

Palo Alto

This soundtrack by Devonté Hynes, also known as freaking BLOOD ORANGE, this soundtrack is sick. The struggles of teen life in Palo Alto, backed with a masterpiece of a soundtrack. Following the lives of Teddy and April we get an inside look into their dramas. This score is all over the board with funky synth sounds. My top picks of this score are “Run to the Graveyard” and “Soccer Field”.

Call Me By Your Name

While this soundtrack is not an original as a whole, it still makes the cut. As a compilation this soundtrack is still a masterpiece. Sufjan Stevens produced two original tracks for the Call Me by Your Name soundtrack that are stunning. In the countryside of Italy, Elio’s family hires a summer intern and their relationship blossoms. This movie is a heart wrenching romance, and once again stars Timothee Chalamet. Sufjan Steven’s tracks “Mystery of Love” and “Visions of Gideon” are absolute tear jerkers.

Short Term 12


Short Term 12 is a treatment facility for those under 18, we follow the lives of staff at the facility. I’d label this soundtrack as modest, using minimal instruments with credits to Joel P West. Trigger warning on this movie, it can be a hard one to watch but it’s a meaningful story. In three words this soundtrack is moving, bittersweet, and simple. My top picks on this one are “Welcome to Short Term 12” and “Clear My Head”.


Saving the best for last: Submarine. I’m a bit biased towards this one. Written and performed by Alex Turner, who you might recognize as the lead singer of Arctic Monkeys. Young Oliver Tate struggles with his new girlfriend, much like his parents struggle in their own marriage. Every track, hands down, can bring me to tears one way or another. My favorite sweet melodies are “It’s hard to get around the wind” and “Glass in the park”.

In addition here’s my Spotify playlist of instrumentals, featuring many picks from these soundtracks: Sophia’s Playlist.

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